Private dining

Venture into the Rebel Room at Tune Up

Step into the Rebel Room and be transported to a realm where rebellion and creativity intertwine. Adorned with eclectic decor and artwork, this captivating space sets the stage for a truly unique and memorable experience. It serves as a tribute to those who pushed boundaries, defied conventions, and reshaped art, music, and culture.

Ideal for receptions and small gatherings, the Rebel Room exudes an aura of exclusivity while fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere. With its cozy ambiance and intriguing surroundings, the Rebel Room sparks conversation and ignites inspiration. Gather with your closest friends, colleagues, or fellow rebels as you celebrate, mingle, and connect in an environment that embraces individuality and free expression. 

Dare to venture into the Rebel Room at Tune Up Bar, where rebels of the past and present converge, and where your reception becomes a celebration of fearless spirits and inspired conversations.


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